James Senters has lived in Elkhorn City, Ky most of his adult life. As the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, he brings a lot excitement and energy to the stage. Bringing his original songs to life as he pours his heart and soul out to the crowd every single performance. 

Richy Potter  is an Elkhorn Creek native. He shares the lead guitar stage with James Hamilton, and this duo is a must see. Richy brings some of the most heartfelt songs based on true life experiences that he himself has lived to tell about.

Mark Robinson calls Sycamore, Ky his home. He plays keys and brings some of the best original songs to the table. Mark has also played music most of his life, and whether it be organ fills or piano chops, his presence is always know.

Kenny Cantrell has lived in eastern Kentucky all of his life. He lays down the groovy bass lines and harmonies. He has played music for nearly all of his life, making him one of the most experienced musicians in the band. 

Joey Stewart reigns from the East End of Elkhorn City, Ky and has been drumming for close to 35 years. Joey is no stranger to the stage, and you can tell by watching him that he really enjoys what he does. 

James Hamilton comes from Greasy Creek, Ky and brings some of the most soulful fills and jaw dropping leads to the band. His ability to portray emotion through guitar strings make him one of the most elite guitarist in the mountains.